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At What Time?

Today, what started as a small conference has turned into the unmissable rendez-vous for product people.

First Day
November 10, 2018
Second Day
November 11, 2018
Third Day
November 12, 2018
9.00 am - 10.00 am
Goal Setting and Vision
To help business owners identify their personal and professional goals, create a clear vision for their business, and align their personal growth with their business objectives.
10.00 am - 12.00 am
Stress Management and Work-Life Balance
To equip business owners with strategies to manage stress, improve work-life balance, and promote personal well-being.
12.00 am - 05.00 pm
Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
To enhance business owners' emotional intelligence, leadership skills, and ability to foster a positive work environment.
9.00 am - 10.00 am
Budgeting and Financial Planning
To help business owners develop budgeting skills and create effective financial plans for their businesses.
10.00 am - 12.00 am
Understanding Financial Statements
To familiarize business owners with essential financial statements and enable them to interpret and use the data for informed decision-making.
12.00 am - 05.00 pm
Debt Management and Financing Options
To equip business owners with knowledge on managing debt, understanding financing options, and making informed borrowing decisions.
9.00 am - 10.00 am
Building Effective Teams
To help business owners understand the importance of collaboration and how to build and lead effective teams within their organizations.
10.00 am - 12.00 am
Cross-Functional Collaboration
To enable business owners to understand and promote cross-functional collaboration within their organizations, leading to enhanced efficiency and innovation.
12.00 am - 05.00 pm
Collaboration with External Partners
To equip business owners with the skills to collaborate effectively with external partners, such as suppliers, vendors, and other businesses, to foster mutual growth and success.