The Wealthy Being Global series of event activations is a comprehensive and dynamic initiative aimed at promoting wealth in all areas of life. These activations encompass a range of engaging activities, including Lunch and Learns, Wealth And Wine Wednesdays, Workshops, The Hype Magazine Town Hall Meet and Greets, 30 Day Ignite Your Lyfe Challenge and Curriculum, Classes, Bootcamps, wellness retreats and wealth festivals.

The primary objective of these events is to empower and energize local communities by eliminating the limiting factors that hinder personal growth, opportunities, and collaboration. This empowerment is achieved through the embodiment and perpetuation of five key pillars: Educate, Mentor, Apply, Adapt, and Optimize.

Wealthy, in this context, refers to a state of being that is realized through taking massive action driven by a limitless and abundant mindset. By facilitating these events, the Wealthy Being Global series helps communities transition into sound mental health and socio-economic positions, enabling them to gain control and certainty in their lives, regardless of their economic status.

The event activations feature an impressive lineup of speakers who cover a wide range of topics relevant to personal, business, financial and community development. These include mental health, emotional intelligence, relationship management, time management, portfolio management, private investments, private banking, financial modeling, branding, marketing, business identity, self-esteem through entrepreneurship, business and personal credit, funding, wealth management, blockchain technology, and timely discussions about the U.S. and world economies.

By providing a platform for learning, networking, and discussion, the Wealthy Being Global series equips individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to enhance their overall well-being and financial success. The events foster an environment of growth, enabling participants to explore new opportunities, expand their horizons, and build valuable connections within their local communities.

Ultimately, the Wealthy Being Global series aims to transform lives by empowering individuals and communities to overcome barriers, seize opportunities, and achieve holistic wealth. By promoting personal growth, financial literacy, and collaboration, these event activations contribute to creating a more prosperous and empowered society.